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William Brown
Real Estate, LLC


William "Russ" Brown






For over forty years, we have been successful, in the many facets of the

 real estate disciplines. Our accomplishments include but not limited to:



  1. Real Estate Consultant;

  2. Rehabilitation of Properties;

  3. Brokerage (Sales & Listings);

  4. Property Management;

  5. New Home Development;

  6. Income-producing  investments/Acquisition;

  7. Financing;

  8. Creative Financing;

  9. Real Estate Instructor and

  10. Seminars for investors/1st time home buyers



With the vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm we possess, we would like the opportunity to share our experiences and utilize our professionalism, to make your dream become our Reality. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!


       In 1982, I started my real estate career at URBAN LIVING INCORPORATED in sales, specializing in commercial buildings in New York City.  Since I was new to the industry, my broker assigned different analysis tasks to me.  I analyzed trends in commercial sales, maximizing income and reducing expenses in income producing properties and demographics.



          In April of 1984, I became a licensed broker and at the same time, I was promoted to run the property management division of Urban Living, Inc.  I was responsible for: collecting rents, paying expenses (including the debt service), repairs, and paying the owners their stipends.  I became very proficient in handling landlord/tenant issues and troubleshooting problems.  I also gave monthly and quarterly reports to the owners.



I worked diligently, with my broker to obtain financing for the repair of the properties that I managed.  We met with the Board of Directors of each syndication and provided repair analysis to show how we could bring certain property back to its “highest and best use”.



          In 1985, I joined FACILTIES MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC., in NY, as a property manager.  This fully computerized management company managed co-operatives financed by the Department of Housing and Community Renewal.  We collected rents, paid expenses and gave reports to the Board of Directors of the co-ops.



          In 1986, I joined GOLD POINT REALTY, INC., a brokerage firm in NY, as its office manager.  I assisted over 35 sales individuals, of which 12 were full-time agents.  I coordinated the following: weekly staff meetings, implementation of office procedures, listing presentations, sales, negotiated offers, closings, and rentals.  Out of our brokers’ 5 offices, ours  was the top producing office.


          I became a strong closer and learned financing, including the origination, the processing, appraising and obtaining the final approval from  underwriters.  I also closed deals using creative financing.

          In 1987, I joined TURF COMPANY, INC. This was a property management firm specializing in the New York City P.O.M.P. Program (Property Ownership Management Program).  This Program was designed for private property management firms to run City owned properties that were in disrepair.  We re-developed units (sometimes with tenants still occupying the apartments) and restored properties to its “highest and best use”.  Once the rehabbed property was put back on the tax rolls, the property management company could buy the building at market value or appraised value (which ever was less).  I handled over 300 units.  I learned the bidding process for contractors, punch lists and the distribution of funds to the contractors.  When the unit was totally destroyed, I coordinated all the contractors’ work to make sure the unit passed inspection.


          In 1990, I decided to become an entrepreneur as a sole proprietor.  I had four agents and we did mostly sales and rentals, and when someone bought a multi-family property, we would set up a self-management program for the new owners.  During this time, we bought a three family house and did a total rehab of the property.

          In 1992, I joined the City of New York’s Property Management Division.  In the 18 months of employment with the City, I refined my skills in property management.  I was responsible for the restoration of over 600 units with the majority of the units in disrepair.


          In 1994, I relocated to Georgia.  I went there with the hope of rehabbing existing structures with an eye on development.  Working with the Dekalb\Fulton County Housing Counsel, I facilitated seminars to help first time homebuyers.  Eventually, investors gave me an opportunity to represent them and I negotiated and closed a couple of deals for them..


          In October of 1997, I  relocated to Virginia.  I joined ABBITT REALTY, INC., in their new home division.  I worked with developers, architects, builders, contractors, surveyors, inspectors and financial institutions.  I learned the entire process relative to new developments and what is needed to transform a tract of land into a sub-division.


          In February 2000, I joined the staff of Alpha College of Real Estate in Newport News, VA as a licensed instructor, teaching the Principles of Real Estate course, Broker’s course and continuing education for real estate professionals.


          In December of 2000, I opened my firm, doing business as   William Brown Real Estate, LLC. which specializes in: rehabilitation of single, multi-family and income-producing investment properties, property management, Real estate analysis,  new development and brokerage services and will eventually devolve into a developer of new home sub-division. We also provide seminars for all real estate related endeavors.   


In conclusion, with the vast knowledge we have accumulated over my real estate career, there isn’t any task in the real estate industry that we are not capable of handling.



William R. Brown, II

PO Box 7123

Hampton, VA 23666 

OBJECTIVE:  To continue to achieve my endeavors, as a licensed RE broker in the State of New York and the Commonwealth of VA.



December 2000 To Present     

William Brown Real Estate, LLC

                        Hampton Roads, VA

                          - Short Sales/REO’s

                          -Rehabilitation of Income Producing Properties

                           -Real Estate Analysis

                                    -Sales  (Resale and New Homes)

 January 1990 to November 2000      


                            3418 Washington Road, East Point, GA 30344

                            150 Crown St. Brooklyn, NY 11225

                              -Rehabilitation of Residential Property

                             -Real Estate Analysis for Development and Rehab

December 1997 to December 1999       


                               2114 Executive Drive, Hampton, VA 23666

                                -New Home Development

                                -Resale and Recruiting    



  • Licensed Instructor for Alpha College of Real Estate from 2/00-Present in Newport News, Williamsburg and Chesapeake, VA 23606.

  • Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Public speaking engagements instructed once a month from 9/95-12/96 for  the Dekalb/Fulton County Housing Corp,Atlanta,GA 30332

  • Member of National Association of Realtors, Virginia Association of Realtors and Hampton Road Realtors Association  from 1/98-Present

  • Continuing Education for Real Estate Brokers at Pratt Institute, New York, NY 10010 from 9/86-1/92

Real Estate Finance at Baruch College, NY, NY 10032 from 1/85-12/85Real Estate Management at Pace University, NY,NY 10016 from 9/82-12/84. Certified Trainer for Virginia Housing Development Authority- Guest Speaker for Hampton, Newport News & Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority.      

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